Shipping Policy

We want to provide the best experience and help you plan for the scheduled arrival of your order.  Please understand that shipping carriers including USPS may experience delays from early November through Christmas Day as well as other unpredicted times when there are higher than normal packages being shipped.  


We will fill your order in 3-5 business days in the order that it was received. If your order is a custom order it may take 7-10 days to fill depending on the amount of orders ahead of you. 

Carrier Pick-up:

Your order gets picked up the next day after being filled by the carrier and gets scanned in at the facility by the end of the day.  


The carrier transports and delivers your order. Please understand that for USPS in particular, the number of days specified in the shipping method is a best estimate and not a guarantee.  

Shipping Cost:

We currently offer flat rate shipping which usually has us subsidizing part of the  shipping cost.  In the future, we may move to actual shipping cost per order but to be honest, the flat rate shipping option normally saves you as the customer money.  Shipping rates are getting very high.